“Stinger” 12V-90V ON/OFF, Dipped, High Beam Direct to Battery: Sur Ron, Talaria, E-Bike light

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“Stinger” 12V-90V ON/OFF, Dipped, High Beam Mode E-Bike light

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“Stinger” 12V-90V Low/High Ultra Powerful switched E-Bike light

Made from Aluminium

Plug n Play, 12V 90V

with Handle Bar Switch

ON/OFF -Dipped – High Beam Modes

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We ride our bikes and we REALLY like to see where we’re going. Absolutely sick of the junk that’s out there? We found this brilliant light that dips into a close range amber light or at the flick of the handle bar mounted button, turns into a long range wide angled high beam. Its not road legal but does not blind cars in dipped mode, but shines up the whole path/track/road on full beam. Its not all about power with lights, its about colour, reflectors and lenses, now add a total of 36W, 2400Lm and you have two eye stinging mental bright lights. The two very clever lens units make this 2 x18w light awesome. This is without doubt the very best ebike light we have used. To make things that little bit more clever, the fact the light can, through adapters, plug (supplied) directly in line with your main battery. No re-wiring and no messing about.

Power consumption is modest 36W and it will handle mud and water as ip6 rated.

No plastic, everything is aircraft grade aluminium.

Light in Action video as follows:

12/72V 30W LED  light with a spot/flood dual beam for wide view and long distance

  • Can be used on either 12V to 90V
  • Power output: 2 x 18WLEDs (36W)
  • Beam angle: Spot 30° / Flood 60°
  • Complete plug n play loom
  • IP6 Can resist high-pressure, heavy sprays of water.
  • Each bulb 1200Lm total 2400 both dipped and high beam (lens on ow makes light amber for anti dazzle.
  • Aircraft grade aluminium with brushed Space Grey.
  • Handle bar mounting bolts included
  • 3 way waterproof handle bar switch: off, dip and full.

When ordering please state whether you have Anderson connectors (red and black and standard on our batteries or with Bafang motors) or XT90 connectors (standard on ASI BAC800/855 or CYC controllers).

We reserve the right to slightly modify or change this product without notice.


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