Sur Ron, Talaria Low Battery Recovery Support (all batteries)

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Sur Ron, Talaria Low Battery Recovery Support (all batteries)


Sur Ron, Talaria Low Battery Recovery Support (all batteries)

Including VAT, Return Shipping,

  By Electron Cycles Limited

*UK Mainland Service Only

Rate includes 20% VAT and for the recovery of a flat battery that has not gone below critcal voltage.

All batteries have a point where the charger will not charge a battery. This is the safelty limit as set by the battery manufacture. However this does not mean the battery is fully dead.

For example a 60v battery made for Sur Ron and Talaria wil not charge through the BMS if it goes below 54 volts. But the actual cells can go to aproximatly 38 Volts. Even if you put a volt meter on the discharge port ans states a voltage lower than 54V, the voltage recording may not be corrct as the BMS may have shut down as it has gone below its set point of 54V. But at cell level the volatge couil d easily be above 38V. This is where we recharge your battery back upto its normal working level.

Please understand, that not all batteries can be saved, but fortunatly this is not normally the case. It takes several months for an empty battery to go so slow that it can not be recovered. For example, we very recently recovered an OEM Sur Ron ULtra Bee battery that was stored at 10% for 4 months!

Our service does include 20% VAT and the cost of retuning shipping to you. If we can not recover your battery, we will charge you only 50% of the cost (we still undertook the same amount of work) and refund you the difference.

How It Works: You buy the serice and enter your detals. We send you an email with the address to send your battery. We take a look and recover the battery and send it back to you – easy!


We can work on all the following batteries:

All OEM Sur Ron (Including Ultra Bee)

All OEM Talaria.

All after market batteries, for all the above.

*Please note for bypassed batteries, if the voltage at the discharg port is below 38V it is very unlikley we can recover it.

Also we will not undertake any physical repair to your battery: no cell swap. We will remove/re-install the top of your battery to undertake the recovery. If your battery is aftermarket and has a ANT BMS, we may be able to replace the BMS, but there will be an aditional cost of aproximatley £230 and not carried out without your consent.