Torp TC500 Sur Ron (MX & l1e) “Race V2.5” 72v 42Ah 28Kw

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Torp TC500 Sur Ron (MX & l1e) “Race V2.5” 72v 42Ah Battery

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Torp TC500 Sur Ron (MX & l1e) “Race V2.5” 72v 42Ah Battery

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TORP TC500 controller is made to upgrade your  Sur Ron (MX & l1e)e-bike to an electric beast, be it on the road or at the tracks!

Only Torp controlers can talk to the OEM battery BMS and allow more power output WITHOUT undertaking a BMS Bypass – sensational!!

FOC technology assures the smooth and predictable power-curve from the beginning to the end of the ride. In combination with a custom 72V battery, you will be able to boost the power of your e-bike up to 25kW! (limited to 11Kw for this battery)

Plug & Play in the true meaning of words. No previous knowledge of electronics is needed to install. Just follow the installation manual and you are set to go in less than 20 min! We did all the tiresome tuning and configuration for you, so you don’t have to.


Field-oriented control (FOC)
-Voltage 20-90V
-Max Power: 25kW*
-Sensored (HALL Encoder) and sensorless control
-Max Battery Current: 400 A* (with this battery 180 DC)

*In combination with the max power is 17 kW.

-Max phase current: 500 A (with this battery 440)
-Efficiency up to 99%
-Working temperature: from -15 to 75 C°
-Bluetooth communication
-Pre-calibrated: No additional steps required
-Overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and overtemperature protection
-Communication with stock BMS

-Different regenerative braking and throttle modes
-Weight: 1kg
-Features: Mobile App (IOS & Android), stock SurRon display
-Protection class: IP67
-Regular firmware updates


TC500 controller is compatible with:
– Sur Ron (MX & l1e)
-Torp Motor TM25

TC500 controller is compatible with both versions of the stock display (L1 E & the off-road version).
Both speed and the distance are displayed on it. For the additional options, like battery monitoring
and settings, you will have to use your smartphone or buy a Torp Display, that is sold separately.
This is a plug&play controller that needs no previous knowledge of electronics and programming for
installation and setup. Everything needed for successful installation is included in the box.

Whats In The Box

-TC500 controller
-5 phase screws with washers
-2 screws for fastening the controller
to the bike`s frame
-2 screws for installation of the plastic
-2 hex keys
-Short instructions

Please note, we also sell the Torp Thumb throttle for regenerative braking and the Torp display. Both on separate listings. We also have batteries designed specifically to be used with Torp controlers.

For User Manual

Please download from here:

Battery 72V 42Ah Race V2.5

This is a 72v 42Ah Battery capable of peak 28kW power (360a peak discharge for 51 seconds until cut off on mosfet temp protection)

15kW continuous at 200A discharge run for 4 minutes and 16 second continuous load until cut off on mosfet temp protection.

However, going up and down the throttle (off road riding) will allow bursts of upto 28Kw (400A) although 21kw is max recommended

We upgrades this very popular battery to handle more power. The More nickle sheet (lower resistance and heat). Bigger more powerful hybrid BMS giving 80 Amps more, A new stronger lifting stapes and new stunning graphics

Designed to run the: ASI BAC4000, ASI BAC8000, EBMX X 9000, KO Controllers,  Nuclear controllers  (any 72v capable controller) up to DC line 180A and 400 Amps Peak 20KW (peak) Phase (depending on riding styl: 540-600PhA

Please make sure yurt controller is set to a power rating that will not damage your motor. The battery is the “fuel tank” and it is the controller that controls  how much “fuel” (Power) it takes and gives to the motor.

This will not work with the original X Controller.

These power packs are designed for ultimate power supply and are 57.5% bigger watts hours (3024) compared to the standard battery (1920) and able to give out 3 times the power (discharge -amps)

High Power Sur Ron Battery 20S10P 72v  3024Wh 42Ah Molicell p42A 21700 cell (high power 4200 mAh  per cell),  with ANT  Hybrid Bluetooth BMS (works on IOS and Android) designed to fit inside the Sur Ron battery compartment utilizing the existing battery tray. The Cells are genuine branded 21700 cylindrical cells (not cheaper pouch) specifically designed for high output discharge and sustained high drain. Other inferior cells used in cheaper packs simply can’t deliver like these. If you think the cost is high, these batteries have 200 cells that retail in the UK for around £8 each! not including: BMS, fabrication and shipping taxes. Now with marine grade 316 stainless steel powder coated cases. The whole battery is fitted in  hand made stainless steel case designed to handle those inevitable and hopefully not painful “Offs” with hard off road rides and giving masses more protection. The casing is powder coated inside and out.

Torp do not like direct power to the controler 9our second cable), so please just do not use the additional power cable. We do not like to remove these as often buyers transfer batteries to another bike.

QS8 Connector avaialable on second connector on request, Free of charge


20s1op Molicell p42A 21700.
Bluetooth ANT BMS set at 400  Amps  28000Kw Peak. 200A constant, 16kW full battery protection including over discharge (shorts) over heating etc
Each cell with additional individual wrapping for added protection.
Additional layers of fibre board, Kapcon tape, heat shrink with internal/external powder coated stainless steel sealed box to give maximum protection and insulation.
Double sandwich configuration using 0.2mm pure welded Nickle sheet.
Bluetooth BMS giving individual series condition with balanced charging and on/off function via a mobile device (we recommend always leaving on – never use SHUTDOWN)
An integrated handle for lowering the battery in and out.
Charging port via an XT60 connector.
The main battery to controller connectors we use are the same type as used by Sur Ron to keep everything compatible. This allows you to swap your standard battery back should you wish.
Battery is in a super tough hand built stainless steel 316 case designed to keep your battery safe in an accident and waterproof except immersion or direct jet washing at the cable exits.. Designed to fit straight into the bike and maximize the whole battery compartment (the hatch bolts need swapping  out with longer bolts that we supply – 2 minutes and simple). No movement- no rattles!
THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE A CHARGER. Chargers can be found here:

We reserve the right to slightly modify or change this product without notice.

  • Bike and charger not included


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