2024 Talaria ‘Sting’ MX TL3000 UK Official

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2024 Talaria ‘Sting’ MX TL3000 UK Official

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2024 Talaria ‘Sting’ MX TL3000 UK Official


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The ‘Sting’ is the creation from a group of engineers, that previously helped develop the recent market leading electric motorcycle. However, they were convinced that they were able to develop their own design, improving the product in many ways. These include a higher seat height, larger battery capacity, wider swing arm, wider rear tyre, 4 level adjustable braking regen and overall styling of the bike too. The result is a bike that offers the rider a wealth of design innovations and a stylish bike to take on any terrain.


Now after all the blurb. Our head tech rides one of these and we – him absolutely love this. Riding a bike with no belt snapping worries, taller stance and nicer “Rear End” all add up to a great buy. No need to add dropped foot pegs or raised handlebars. No need to put a wider rear tyre! The headlight looks better and works better and the battery is big enough to be really usable. We absolutely love this bike!


Modifications on request (Controller and Battery – Motor mods, please see the new bike offer

Fox 40 Forks fitted £1,970

Front Wheel 21″ £275 (not include tyres or fitting) 21″ x 1.6mm

Fitted with 2 aftermarket 19″ tyres (2 tires, inner tubes and fitting) £155 – Gives 1″ increase height approx. – Much better road and summer off-road grip.:

After market quality decal kit (supplied by TB GFX, including fitting) £150 – Other designs available

Upgraded Rental R1 chain and rear sprocket (including fitting): £125 – Highly recommended for this higher power output

Hand Guards



Chassis Swing Arm                                            Material 6061 T4 & T6 Aluminium Alloy
Chassis Construction Method                          Forged by 8000 tons pressure
Rear Shock Absorber                                         Fastace with Linkage
Tire Size                                                                Front 70/100-19 / Rear 80/100-19
Max Range                                                           76km @ 45 km/h
Max Load                                                              100 Kg
Speedometer                                                        Digital
Transmission                                                       Gearbox + Chain
Motor Rated Voltage                                          60V (DC)
Motor Rated Power                                             Peak Power 3000w / 6000w
Motor Rated Torque                                           Peak Torque 8.5 n.m / 31.8 n.m
Motor Shaft Output Torque                              @ 1000RPM 29.5 n.m
Motor Peak Efficiency                                        96.60%
Motor Type                                                           PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor)
Motor Mounting Position                                  Centre Frame
Motor Weight                                                       7 Kg
Motor External Diameter                                  180mm
Motor Axial Length                                             130mm
Motor Cooling Method                                       Air Cooled
Controller Type                                                    FOC
Controller Weight                                                1.6 Kg
Controller Dimension                                         240mm x 110mm x 50mm
Controller Peak Efficiency                                 98.50%
Controller Traveling Wave Current                 85A
Controller Highest Temperature                      100 °C
Powertrain Rated Rotation Speed                   4300 RPM
Powertrain Range of Rotation Speed              0-5300 RPM
Powertrain Peak Efficiency                                98%
Powertrain Range of Efficiency (≥80%)         1.4 nm – 22.5 n.m
Battery                                                                    60V 38.4A Lithium LG Cells
Battery Life Time                                                 800 Cycles before battery looses capacity
Charger                                                                  10A 60V
Charging Time                                                      4 Hours
Chassis Weight                                                     9.5 kg
Chassis Surface                                                    Anodizing Paint Treated
Headlight                                                               LED
Fork                                                                        DNM
Wheel Type                                                           Spoke Wheels 19×1.6
Tire                                                                         CST
Brakes                                                                    4-Piston Calliper Hydraulic Brakes
Brake                                                                      Disc   203mm
Net Weight                                                            58 Kg
Vehicle Dimension                                              1870mm x 780mm x 1040mm
Min. Ground Clearance                                      270mm
Wheel Base                                                            260mm


* Shipping is to your door (additional fees may be required for delivery to Scotland) – no shipping outside UK mainland. Shipping is 10 days from money received. Failure to accept the delivery may incur extra costs

* UK Warranty 

Warranty Terms: Main components: Battery/Chassis/Swing Arm 18 months (Battery up to 20,000 miles max)
Other parts 12 months excluding service items. Subject to service schedule. Competition use 30 days only.
First Service must be carried out by 300KM – 185 Miles without fail.

Warranties are not transferable.

We reserve the right to slightly modify or change this product without notice.



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Weight 85 kg
Dimensions 50 × 28 × 35 cm