Charger 60V (67V) 10A Suitable for Electron Sur Ron/Talaria 60v/63Ah

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60v (67V) 10A Charger for large Batteries


Charger 60V (67V) 10A Suitable for Electron Sur Ron Talaria 60v/63Ah

Electron Cycles Sur Ron/Talaria 60v/63Ah


Not suitable for a standard )OEM) Sur Ron battery

Will work directly on our 60V 65Ah battery

Will work on any 60V battery that can take a 10A charge

(not for use for a downtube Battery with 3.5mm jack pin)

This charger will recharge one of our monster sized Sur Ron/Talaria 60v 65Ah battaries in 6 hours from flat (biggest charger available)

Comes with XT60 connector and UK mains plug


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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 25 cm