Diagnostic / Tuning Session, Remote or Workshop

£69.00 (price including VAT)

Diagnostic -Tuning Session, Remote or Workshop


Diagnostic -Tuning Session, Remote or Workshop

including VAT  By Electron Cycles Limited

Workshop – Additional controller tuning – Battery investigation- Remote Diagnostic Sessions – Simple Remote Fixes. * THIS IS NOT a reprogramming service

Rate includes 20% VAT and for 45 minutes only and one session only.

For UK working hours: Monday 2pm until 4.30pm. Tuesday –  Thursday 10 am until 4.30pm. Friday 10 am until 4pm Closed weekends.

This payment is for additional work to tune a controller with an existing program or inspect the controller for fault diagnoses at the owners request. This is not for warranty work but for failure or tuning not related to manufacture or initial set up (first install support is free). This is not a guaranteed fix, but may fix tuning issues or tell you what the issues could be. Will also calibrate your throttle.

This fee can also be used for a Battery BMS  fault diagnoses. The fee is not refundable.

When you buy our kit we give free initial support to make your bike work and free support to analyze any  issues. Controllers do not “lose a tune”, but things can stop working as if the motor is becoming warm or experiencing hall sensor changes,  throttle faulting or poor connections, Motor swap. If you are asking for a change of use, for example  you have changed the motor type (new motors bought from us come with free progamming), or transfering the kit to another bike. You wil need our reprograming service “ASI Reprogramming Service – Remote (When a new map needs to installed for change of controller use)”

On receipt of Payment we will send you full set up details within 24 hrs via email – Please read these carefully and remember to restart your device. We can not work on an iPhone and make phone call at the same time. Android is preferred (no issues with phone call).

Please state on Purchase notes whether you want a remote session or send the unit to us for checking

Electron Cycles Remote Session Details:

Please call our mobile number 07961223451 (so we can use headphones):  Monday after 2pm, Tuesday – Friday – 10.30AM – 4.30PM UK Time.

We do get quite busy and the number may not answer or ring out; as we are most likely with another customer. So please try again in a few minutes. We always try to call back.

To give you support we will need to remote onto your media device.

You will need a good working internet connection.

Support will only be available after the  software has been installed on your media device (ASI on a mobile phone or tablet )

Failure to follow the instructions, may require the termination of your session.

Workshop Returns

For workshop diagnoses, we will send you an email with the details of where to send your device. Please note, we will not accept returns without prior agreement. The return shipping must be paid by you.


This is for a one time  session of 45 minutes only

* THIS IS NOT a reprogramming service. If you are changing the use of your controller (installed a 3rd party motor like KO). You will need our Reprogramming Service. This entails more work, and is more time consuming. This service can be found here: https://www.electroncycles.co.uk/product/asi-reprogramming-service-remote/

All support work is undertaken by an authorized  ASI Dealer and Hybrid Vehicles IMI Level 3 qualified engineer