2024 New Built to order Sur Ron Ultra 21Kw. Upgraded 80.4V 76Ah Battery, EBMX X9000 V2

£10,700.00 (price including VAT)

2024 New Built to order Sur Ron Ultra 21Kw. Upgraded 80.4V 76Ah Battery, EBMX X9000 V2

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2024 New Built to order Sur Ron Ultra 28Kw. Upgraded 80.4V 76Ah Battery,  EBMX X9000 V2

60% MORE RANGE over standard

6 Power sets up to 28kw (burst)

Makes This A True Perfomance Dirt Bike

Please email: info@electroncycles.co.uk

*UK Mainland Shipping  £189 available or collect here in North Devon (By appointment only Mon – Friday)

Professionally built by Electron Cyles

We take a new bike, install the bigger 6100Wh battery and much higher powered EBMX x9000 V2 contoller.

If you want a 21″ / 18″ +  tyre change, we can that too and makes a huge difference off road (price circa additional £550).

The bike in the photo is our test bike and was truly awsome. 60+ mile rides are now very realistic. We tested our bike on a couple of green lane 40 mile rides and still came home with over 50% of battery left.  Our CEO very recently went for a long ride with his friend on a standard bike. Our CEO is a very heavy 21stone rider. The OEM bike went into limp mode after 40 miles, yet our bike  was only just below halfway on the voltmeter, after 40 miles – possible realistic range 60+ miles!!!! (much further if you really ride it like a granny)

The MUCH bigger battery and  X9000 V2 controller, really make the bike come alive. So much power and refinement. EBMX X9000 v2 gives 6 power modes (and reverse) and total free choice of how to set the bike up (power wise) to the way you like.

We didn’t think it worth the extra cost of a new motor, as the OEM can handle 17 Kw all day long and bursts of much higher, The controller through heat sensor in the motor, detects when things are getting warm and will turn things down a bit and save any nastiness. In all honesty our CEO reports that he just left the bike in “Street 3″ set at 12Kw as it was more than enough to scare him through our North Devon Muddy lanes.

Upgrade to EBMX XUB -80 Motor fitted £1500

The bike in the photo is shod with DOT Michelin Trackers for much better grip (OEM were taken off straight away from new). However the much lighter and very similar looking Kenda Milleville 2: 100-90- 18” is an even better choice. A larger 21” front really much better offroad roll over.

The battery compartment lid will be swapped out for the aftermarket plastic moulded carbon effect lid, to accommodate the bigger battery.

You get full controler of your controler through the very simple and easy to use EBMX mobile device app. The kit does include an “Eggrider” display to choose your nthe fly power mode.

Our recomend settings are this:

Street Mode: (1) 8Kkw 400Pha. (2) 10Kw 450Pha. (3) 12Kw 500 Pha.

Race Mode: (1) 14Kkw 600Pha. (2) 17Kw 700Pha. (3) 21Kw 900 Pha.



**The original battery is not supplied. The bike in the photo shows after market tyres not included.

* UK Warranty

Warranty Terms: Main components:

Battery has 2 years warranty.

Controller 1 year.

Other parts 12 months excluding service items. Subject to service schedule. Competition use 30 days only.
Controller and battery are 12 months warranty but not due to water ingress. All warranty issues, the customer must return the item back to us at their own cost.

Drive train (sprockets, gear box and OEM motor) 1 week.

Warranties are not transferable.

We reserve the right to slightly modify or change this product without notice.



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