ASI BAC4000 Replacement Mounting Kit (with instructions)

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ASI BAC4000 Replacement Mounting Kit

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ASI BAC4000 Replacement Mounting Kit


Made from 3D print.


Top mount

Bottom Mount

Left and right “Wings”

Blanking cover

Not included: Screws not included, Controller and other peripherals, not included.



Top and bottom bracket should be attached to the controller first.  If you have purchased the controller from us they will already be in place.

The top of the controller is the end with the two big plugs.

Plug / cable side goes facing the bike.  The silver plate is outer facing.

Do not fit the wings at this point.

The top mount, best to leave the two outside bolts (there are three in the top mount of the controller) slack (as they have to come out one at a time when fitting the wings).

The bottom bracket only fits one way.

When you fit the controller to the bike, leave the wings off.

Bolt the top mount to the bike where the original controller mounted to the bike (2 bolts) Do not overtighten and leave a touch loose.

The two bike lower mounting points stick out of the bike for the lower bracket. 

The controller should be slid into place, so that you can see through the metal bike mounting point holes and see the bottom 3d printed hole. One either side of the new mounting bracket.

Now gently bolt in each wing, one side at a time at the top bracket (This is the top outside bolts you left loose).

The bottom of the wing should now be slid over the metal mounting points that stick out from bike,  so that the two bottom mount bolt goes through the wing on the outside, through the bike mount hole and screwed into the 3d printed bottom bracket.  This is a very tight fit.

Do the same on the other side.

Now gently crimp everything up.  Do not overtighten.

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